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Conference attendees are invited to explore a wide variety of activities and have some fun. Let your hair down and dance, play and compete!

DANCE PARTY - DJ Mario is back and will be lighting up Horner Hall for a huge dance party. Come early to get glow sticks!

PHOTO BOOTH - The photo booth will be equipped with space-themed props along with several other fun favorites.

LIGHT PAINTING - Be sure to check out the light painting booth. The way this works is you leave a camera shutter open for several seconds in a really dark area. You can then use a bright LED light to draw pictures or write a message in the air. The result is an image “painted” with light. We’ve included a photo example to give you an idea.

MARS LANDER CAPSULE ESCAPE ROOM - In keeping with the Conference theme, we’re designing an escape room in which you and a team of friends will have a limited amount of time to get out using the clues available to you.

MICROSOFT KINECT V1 - Show off your dance moves in a cool way! The Kinect uses an Infrared (IR) projector to project a field of IR dots. The IR camera then reads how the dots are distorted with the camera. Since the Kinect knows what the IR dots should look like it can apply some math to figure out the topology of whatever the Kinect is pointed at. That allows the Kinect to map your limbs to the limbs of an avatar, essentially allowing you to control the avatar like a puppet.

STEM ACTIVITIES, sponsored by the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) - Ever played the block stacking game Jenga with giant pieces? Well, come try it out. We’ll also have Don’t Touch the Wire, a game in which you have to move a ring down a wire as fast as possible without touching the sides. You’ll also have a chance to pit your popsicle stacking skills against other competitors. And, last but not least, you’ll get to create and land your own spaceship.

The winners of these various challenges and competitions will receive an entry into a drawing for prizes. Winners will be announced during the Closing Session. The more tickets you have, the better your chance of winning!