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The EAST classroom provides a positive educational environment that promotes the individual growth and development of each student. Wherever the student starts, he or she is expected to grow. Student growth is possibly the most difficult to show; however, it is the strongest demonstration of EAST principles. The challenge here is to help illustrate that growth as perceived by others' testimonies. Describe multiple examples of growth to focus on the entire program.

Overall Considerations

  • Any event(s) that clearly defines student growth
  • Consider the following when looking for markers of student growth: persistence, diligence, commitment, perspective, accountability, achievement, insight, focus, work ethic, confidence, discipline, mentoring, time/project management, behavior, team leader/member
  • New directions taken due to action surrounding student growth
  • Advanced recognition for going above and beyond in the given area
  • Any memorable or standout moments that helped solidify the importance
  • Highlight elements that make a high-performing EAST program
  • Assume that the audience has an understanding of EAST (don’t explain EAST)
  • You are encouraged to not address these considerations or others one at a time but bring them all together in a unified, powerful submission

More Specific Points to Ponder

  • Specific examples of student growth within or outside the EAST classroom
  • Quotes from students who can demonstrate that EAST has had a positive effect on their lives
  • Support from principal, facilitator, other teachers, counselor, parent or others
  • Evidence your EAST program is helping to change lives both directly and indirectly
  • Positive changes in behavior
  • Increased confidence in decision making, teaming, communication and/or use of technology and resources
  • Refining of goals that include personal, positive life changes
  • Positive adjustments of a social nature, becoming more visible, leading, mentoring
  • Emotional changes, which could include changes of perspective/respect of school, teachers, students, community, etc. (healthy patterns of behavior)
  • Failure in a task that leads to new decisions and/or directions (identified failure as opportunity rather than setback)
  • Testimonies are powerful. Use them with caution and intent. Do your best to show anything that would give reference to what they are talking about (rather than just watch them talk).
  • When interviewing, try to get specifics and in a setting that gives meaning (e.g. someone talking in general about Johnny growing while sitting at a desk is not compelling. Have that person give specific examples of what they have seen. If something can be visually shown (e.g. “while working on this 3D model Johnny was really pushed giving him opportunity to……”)
  • Showing critical thinking is difficult, yet this is can be a great example of student growth if you have a way to show it.

Submission Instructions

Follow the instructions below and submit your completed application by 3 p.m., CST, January 30, 2018.

REMEMBER: DO NOT wait until the last day or the last minute to submit your application. The submission form will automatically disable at 3:01 p.m., CST on the deadline date. If you are in the middle of submitting a form at this time, your submission will NOT be received. If the form does not disable properly, submissions received after 3:00 p.m., CST will still not be considered in order to remain fair and consistent for all applicants. Please remember that upload speeds can vary depending on file type, school bandwidth, etc. Deadline days have a high volume of students submitting, which can also cause delays in uploading files and submitting applications. If you encounter an issue on the day of a deadline, the EAST Initiative staff may have limited (if any) availability to provide assistance. The EAST Initiative CANNOT grant you a deadline extension or help you to submit later if something goes wrong.

Step 1 - Create Your Application Packet

A complete application packet will include all of the following:

  1. List of Top Projects & Clients
  2. Video Pitch
  3. Action Photos (8-10)

List of Top Projects & Clients Requirements

  • Bulleted lists of 20 projects and 20 clients max
  • One page maximum that includes BOTH lists
  • 12 point, Times New Roman font, 1.5 sentence spacing and normal margins
  • School and category name should be on the first two lines

Projects: In an EAST classroom, there are volumes of projects; however, the judges are looking for a short list of projects (20 max) that demonstrates the extremes of where the EAST program has gone and where it is heading. These projects need to be completed or nearly completed. "Thinking about doing something" should not even be considered. Ideally, anyone who looks at this list should gain an idea of the level(s) of the program. These do not have to be the biggest projects involving the most people, time, or money. They do not have to be the projects that have received the most attention. This list should be the projects that have provided the solid foundation for students to launch into something amazing.

Clients: Projects can take on greater meaning when a client is involved. Use this opportunity to give a glimpse of some of those that have connected with your EAST program. Include the name of the organization, along with the main contact. Also consider those that have given meaningful opportunity for this specific area (student growth).

Video Pitch Requirements

  • Format: .mp4 encoded with H.264 codec or .mov
  • HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 preferred
  • Length: 5-8 minutes (No extra points for going 7:59, no deductions for going 5:01. If you need the time, use it. If your story is solid, don’t.)

The video pitch is the core piece of this competition. It is an opportunity to show the power of the EAST program and how it is impacting the lives of students. The video should convey a solid, realistic representation of the student growth gained through the efforts of the EAST program. Share the highs and lows, the technology that did / did not work, the clients that were awesome and not, the wins and losses, the fun and the not-so-much. Judges are looking for a solid story that is not only told, but more importantly shown. Do not forget that the focus here is Student Growth.

Other guidelines to consider:

  • Content is the key!
  • Spend plenty of time planning the story, collecting the resources, and organizing the content.
  • This is not a video competition, but consider fundamental video concepts. Focus on content, good sound quality and solid footage.
  • Videos are most effective when the viewer can “see” the story while it is being told (i.e. effective use of B-roll).
  • Provide solid content and evidence (i.e. video footage, photos, etc.) of the project.
  • DO NOT try to entertain the judges, but DO inform them with a powerful delivery that takes them on a journey.
  • Use a balanced amount of production techniques to effectively tell the story. Do not use massive special effects, crazy transitions, filters, etc.
  • Do not fill time with talking heads, special effects and irrelevant content.

Action Photo Requirements

Submit eight to ten (8-10) action photos (jpg or jpeg format) that best represent some of the milestones throughout your year in this specific category. If your program is selected, these photos may be shown on the big screen at the Gala.

Student Work Must Be Original

Submissions should be original and completely student-created.

  1. Upon submitting the required items as defined in the competition guidelines (required items) to EAST for this competition, participant hereby grants to EAST a permanent, non-exclusive, irrevocable right and license, free of charge, to (i) use, copy, reproduce, publicly display, edit, revise, perform, and distribute the required items in any format, or otherwise make the required items available to the general public in any format through any medium, including but not limited to making the required items available to users of EAST’s website for downloading; (ii) use the required items, exclusively or together with EAST materials or in connection with EAST’s advertising or promotion; and (iii) use the required items generally in connection with identifying, marketing, and promoting EAST to third parties.
  2. Participant represents and warrants that EAST’s use of the required items shall not violate any law or infringe upon or violate the rights of any individual or entity.

Step 2 - Complete the Application

Note: On the application, you will also upload the zipped file detailed in Step 3.

Step 3 - Upload Project & Client List, Video Pitch, & Action Photos

Combine all of the following files into one (1) Zipped File with a 1 GB (1048576 KB) max file size. Be sure to review the requirements in Step 1. For instructions on how to zip a file, please click here for Windows instructions or here for Mac instructions.

  • Required: Project & Client List
  • Required: Video Pitch
  • Required: Action Photos

Step 4 - Submit

When the application is complete, click the “Submit” button. When your submission is complete the page will change and state that the submission has been received. Once you see this page, you will not be able to make any changes. Following your submission, an email confirmation will be sent to you and EAST staff. If you do not receive an email, you should assume there was an error, and your submission was not complete. Our recommendation is to go back to Jotform and complete the form again. If you still receive an error, please email, or contact a member of the events team directly.